At Outdoor Aspects every landscaping project begins with a consultation giving you the opportunity to view our portfolio, show us your property and discuss views, privacy, irrigation and your favourite, or not so favourite, locations.

Our trained staff will give you valuable feedback on what will work best for your budget and how much time might be required to complete the project. Once we are confident that we understand your vision and all its elements we will prepare a free, no-obligation quote for the labour and materials. Have a modest budget and high hopes? Ask Outdoor Aspects how to create an amazing, affordable landscape that you will love.



Have you known anyone who has built a house without a blueprint? It is possible but having a plan can save you valuable time and avoid costly mistakes. A design allows you to set a goal and work towards it as quickly or slowly as you would like. The end result is beautiful because it was planned to look great from the beginning. A well planned design gives you the ability to see that every bit of space is working to meet all your needs while complimenting your home and property dynamics. At Outdoor Aspects the design process includes a consultation creating a valuable relationship between you and our staff. The more we understand you, the more likely we will be able to help you bring your vision to reality.


Outdoor Aspects offers three design options, CAD, 2D image or 3D design. CAD drawings are similar to those an engineer draws for the construction of a home. A 2D image is a computer altered image of your landscape plan. While 3D design gives you the opportunity to tour through your landscape plan to view it from all possible angles. Each type of design has its own advantages.


CAD stands for Computer Assisted Drawing. A CAD drawing is a 2 dimensional, scaled drawing of your landscape as viewed from above. This gives you an overview of the entire landscaping plan and allows you to make any changes before construction begins. CAD drawings also allow you the flexibility to have the landscape installed, by yourself or our competent and professional staff, in its entirety or in stages as your budget allows.


With a 2D image design, a photograph of your house is used to create a computer generated picture of what your landscape will look like when installed. With this design you are given the opportunity to view your landscaping several different ways. You will be able to see what effect night lighting will have on walkways and trees, watch plants grow or see a picture of your home's curb appeal before any construction begins. 2D images help answer the tough questions making sure your home is picture perfect.


See how your landscape will look once the pro's are done with it. Tour around the scene look at the detail of landscape structures and what the plants will look like, even find out how the sun and shade will affect your landscaping at anytime of the day or year. 3D design incorporates elements of Google sketchup to create a real design experience as if you were there.


Congratulations! You've taken the first step in "making green space YOUR space". So what can you expect? Your first meeting with Outdoor Aspects will include a portfolio viewing and a discussion of your style, your needs and wants, your budget and time frame, and any elements that you might want to include. We will also request a tour of your property to discuss views, privacy, drought or drainage, sun and shade, as well as your favourite locations. Once we are confident that we understand what it is you would like to achieve we will then create a design of your property. During our second meeting we will show you a rough draft and ask for any input, suggestions or changes you would like to make before the final printing. Contact us today to get this process started.


Building a house normally requires a professional. Expenses are incurred through time and materials when a design idea is drafted and readied for the builder. As consumers we expect to pay for these services. Similarly Outdoor Aspects charges a design fee for offering this service. The total cost varies from project to project depending on the complexity of the design. A discount is offered on the design if Outdoor Aspects is hired for the installation.


There is a common misconception that Xeriscaping means no green and all rock. This would actually cause more heat reflection and give a very hot appearance. Xeriscaping is derived from the Greek term xeros meaning "dry". Dry landscaping or Xeriscaping refers to minimizing water usage by applying several techniques; such as grouping plants with similar water needs, reducing vast areas of turf, using plants that suit the local climate and installing drip irrigation systems. These are all great ways to reduce our water consumption without losing out on the benefits of plant life and the cooling effect of green space.


Hardscaping elements are features in your landscape that do not require irrigation. These can be patios, decks, pathways, fences, driveways and any other structures made of wood or stone. If planned correctly these elements can reduce the need for large expanses of turf or plantings while still maintaining a "live" feel.


Drip irrigation is allowed even under stage 3 water restrictions. These systems allow you to water only where needed, minimizing over spray and evaporation. When installed correctly these systems are designed to slowly supply water directly to the root zones and can be set up with a timer for hassle free operation.


Synthetic turf is a plastic, polymer based fibre that is woven into a mat to resemble natural green lawns. It is normally filled with rubber pellets or silica sand to allow the fibres to stand up. This option eliminates the need for watering or mowing and is child and pet friendly. It's an investment that pays itself off within 5-7 years by eliminating maintenance and watering costs.

There are many ways to capture the cooling effects of turf and water without their water loving ways. Simple ideas such as vines growing over a pergola or the sound of water are just a few of the many ideas you can discuss with our knowledgeable staff.



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All content © Outdoor Aspects Ltd. 2018. All rights reserved. Web design by dB Creative