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Landscaping that needs minimal water, perfect for water restrictions in Vernon, BC

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"Thank you for making our vision a reality and, in many ways, exceeding our expectations! The backyard has gone from a place we hardly ever spent time in, to becoming our sanctuary - a place where there is calm, relaxation, and so much enjoyment. Thank you Vince."
- George & Sandra

Water Restrictions Leaving You Dry? We have the answer!

There is a common misconception that Xeriscaping means no green and all rock. This would actually cause more heat reflection and give a very hot appearance. Xeriscaping is derived from the Greek term xeros meaning "dry". Dry landscaping or Xeriscaping refers to minimizing water usage by applying several techniques; such as grouping plants with similar water needs, reducing vast areas of turf, using plants that suit the local climate and installing drip irrigation systems. These are all great ways to reduce our water consumption without losing out on the benefits of plant life and the cooling effect of green space.

Hardscaping elements are features in your landscape that do not require irrigation. These can be patios, decks, pathways, fences, driveways and any other structures made of wood or stone. If planned correctly these elements can reduce the need for large expanses of turf or plantings while still maintaining a "live" feel.

Drip Irrigation:
Drip irrigation is allowed even under stage 3 water restrictions. These systems allow you to water only where needed, minimizing over spray and evaporation. When installed correctly these systems are designed to slowly supply water directly to the root zones and can be set up with a timer for hassle free operation.

Synthetic Turf/Artificial Grass:
Synthetic turf is a plastic, polymer based fibre that is woven into a mat to resemble natural green lawns. It is normally filled with rubber pellets or silica sand to allow the fibres to stand up. This option eliminates the need for watering or mowing and is child and pet friendly. It's an investment that pays itself off within 5-7 years by eliminating maintenance and watering costs.

There are many ways to capture the cooling effects of turf and water without their water loving ways. Simple ideas such as vines growing over a pergola or the sound of water are just a few of the many ideas you can discuss with our knowledgeable staff.

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